Testimonials and Case Studies

At the Coregood Institute we want to make a difference to the lives of our patients, giving them the information, advice and treatment they need to have a healthy, functioning pelvic floor.
We are hugely fulfilled in the role we have in helping our patients reach their goals.

It is illegal for New Zealand medical clinics to share the testimonials of their patients that include treatment effectiveness outcomes. We encourage you to be informed about the effectiveness of the treatment modalities we offer by reviewing our research links.

“I’ve debated sharing this but it’s one of those things that people don’t talk about, and my silence takes choice away from others who might be in the same boat as I was. So here goes….
As many of you know, I found a fantastic program that helped me shed some pesky kgs and give me the energy I was missing. As result I have a new lease on life and decided to set myself a running goal for the first time in my life. What I didn’t expect (stupidly given the s…uper size of the babies I carried) was that pushing myself like that would expose a weakness in my pelvic floor that up until then I never knew I had. And I was all set to just back off my goal and accept it as my new normal.
Then I learned about these guys – COREGOOD INSTITUTE. Never heard of them? Nope, me neither and they were right under my nose in Paraparaumu, with one of their tools being literally the only one in the country!
They deal with all manner of issues (not just for women) and I cannot recommend them enough. If you are not local, at the very least don’t be like me and think you have to live with whatever annoyance you have. Find a Pelvic Floor Therapist in your area and get it sorted.”

Jo Ross, 42

“Nathan was brilliant in helping me with my condition. His knowledge and expertise was appreciated. I would highly recommend him for others.”

Greg Hodge, 50

“Nathan provided a broad spectrum of treatment and education to help me effectively manage an on-going physical condition. I have a great deal of respect for his wider field of knowledge and expertise.”

Jeremy Lincoln, 49

“The Coregood Institute is great, friendly and relaxed. I had been told my condition was normal but I was reassured to know its not normal and can be treated. I now feel so much more confident and relaxed.”

Sandra, 63

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