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Nutrition at CoreGood is run by Bailey Scott

Bailey Scott (BSc Human Nutrition)

Bailey studied her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition at the University of Otago. She has experience working in the natural medicine industry and has offered specialised nutrition advice for men and women at the CoreGood Kapiti clinic for the last 5 years. Her mission is to educate, motivate and enhance people’s health and happiness.

“Nourishing your body with food that is right for you allows you to live your best life. “

Hi, I am Bailey, a clinical nutritionist, a mother, and a lover of wholesome food. I have a passion for using the power of nature to heal our bodies. My clinical experience has allowed me to pinpoint 3 main areas to improve your health. These key areas are your nutrition, biochemistry and your emotions, and this is how I approach every client’s goals. I believe focusing on all of these areas of your health is imperative for the best outcomes for you.

It is truly a privilege to do what I love and what is in my heart. I have experienced severe endometriosis, infertility, food allergies, eczema, hay fever and acne, and it’s a pleasure to share my knowledge with you for you to enjoy.

It is well established that deprivation, calorie counting, starvation, fad diets and excessive exercise doesn’t lead to long-term sustained improvements in health. Nourishing your body with food that is right for you allows you to live your best life. I want you to truly understand how your body works and I’m so excited for what’s ahead of you.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

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I can help with

Weight Loss

Most people think they have to lose weight to be healthy. I believe that when you are healthy your body uses body fat efficiently as a fuel.

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Pregnancy Care

Our goal for you is to support a healthy pregnancy, as well as foetal brain and nervous system development. We also support you post-pregnancy.

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Health Conditions

What you eat plays a huge part in managing on-going health conditions and the associated symptoms.

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