Weight Loss through Nutrition

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Nourish your body, rather than calorie counting and unnecessary restrictions.

I have found that long-term sustained weight loss happens when we focus on getting you to be the healthiest version of you possible. My focus is not on your weight, it is very much on your health. Most people think they have to lose weight to be healthy. I believe that when you are healthy your body uses body fat as a fuel.

It breaks my heart that people battle with their weight and they think their body betrays them. It is well proven that deprivation, calorie counting, fad diets and excessive exercise doesn’t lead to long-term weight loss. I want you to truly understand how your body works so you can trust yourself and your choices again.

For sustained long-term weight loss I will focus on 3 key areas with you- your nutrient intake, your biochemistry and your emotions. I believe focusing on all of these areas of your health is imperative for the best outcomes for you. My goal for you is that you get back to living life in touch with how precious it is, how precious you are, so you can treat yourself accordingly.

I can help with:

  • Serial dieting
  • Binge eating
  • Emotional eating
  • Hormonal weight gain
  • Safe pre and post pregnancy weight loss

To support your journey our nutritionist can offer you:

  • Comprehensive health plan
  • A tailored food and meal plan with recipes
  • Bio-electrical impedance analysis (a gold standard body composition and cellular performance test)
  • Group courses
  • Workplace wellness courses
  • DUTCH testing


When analysing your health and setting goals, measurements of weight and body mass index (BMI) are poor indicators. BIA enables us to accurately assess your body composition and certain markers of cellular health. This test enables us to provide you important insights into the impact  your diet, lifestyle and nutrient input is having on your health. We want to ensure you are losing fat, instead of muscle. This test fosters self-awareness and further understanding of what is going on inside your body, rather than just getting on the scales.


There is no one size fits all and there are many factors that contribute to weight loss

At CoreGood, degree qualified Clinical Nutritionist (Bailey Scott) will provide you with personalised advice and solutions to suit your needs and lifestyle. She will help you understand exactly what your body needs for great health and sustained weight loss.

The first step is to undertake an initial assessment which is dedicated to your health story and preliminary testing.

Follow up appointments vary but are normally every 2-4 weekly.

Consultations are available at Kapiti Clinic or online

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