La Pera G, Nicastro A. (1996) A new treatment for premature ejaculation: the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor. J Sex Marital Ther. 1996;22: 22-26.

Eighteen patients with premature ejaculation were recruited. Fifteen (83%) of them had suffered from this disturbance for at least five years. Most of them had experienced other therapies without success. After 15-20 sessions of pelvic floor rehabilitation, 11 (61%) patients were cured and are able to control the ejaculatory reflex; seven (39%) patients had no improvement.

Pastore L. Palleschi G. et al (2014) Pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation for patients with lifelong premature ejaculation: a novel therapeutic approach. Ther Adv Urol 6(3): 83-88.

The results of this study indicate that pelvic floor training in men with lifelong premature ejaculation (PE) may be considered as a viable therapeutic option for patients with PE.

Siegel A (2014) Pelvic Floor Muscle Training in Males: Practical Applications. Urology 84:1-7.

Pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) should be employed as a first line approach for erectile dysfunction (ED), overactive bladder (OAB), premature ejaculation (PE), chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) and post void dribbling (PVT).