PelviPower Bio-Feedback Training


How Does It Work?

The PelviPower Bio-Feedback Trainer is a precise training tool which is designed to increase the perception, coordination and control of your pelvic floor.

A highly sensitive sensor, originally developed for space flight, sits near your pelvic floor and reacts to its slightest contractions. Data collected provides a visual result to you and the therapist, displayed in real time on a monitor in front of you.

This allows you to undertake a playful and targeted training session which involves no embarrassment and brings success quickly.

Why is Self Training Important

Why is Self-Training Important?

For both men and women, having a healthy pelvic floor is not all about more and more ‘Kegels’.

Self-training exercises of the pelvic floor are an important part of the therapy process, but research shows that without assessment and correction, only half of women correctly recruit their pelvic floor and 25% perform a Valsalva effort that can promote incontinence and prolapse.

Meanwhile, a pelvic floor with excess tone and an inability to release and relax can result in fatigue, erectile dysfunction, pain and even an overactive bladder.

Several studies have shown that the PelviPower Bio-Feedback Trainer specifically and reliably measures pelvic floor function and is a useful tool to make sure you are training correctly.

What are the Advantages of Treatment?

PelviPower is medically proven to be a safe, non-surgical solution for many common pelvic, urinary and sexual health issues, offering the patient many advantages over other treatment options:

  • PelviPower Bio-Feedback Training can combine with Magnetic Field Therapy to produce the optimal treatment solution
  • Ensuring that you are practicing the correct technique from the outset optimises success
  • This simple and painless training has a stronger effect than conventional pelvic floor exercises or independent training
  • It overcomes the issue that despite best intentions, home exercise routines are frequently not done
  • Unlike conventional biofeedback that requires the placement of sensors and probes, PelviPower Bio-Feedback Training is non-invasive and you remain fully clothed
  • The assessment and training occur in an upright position which is not only more convenient but is also a position that is more applicable to how pelvic floor will operate in day to day activities
  • Because strengthening the pelvic floor improves awareness of it, contracting these muscles in your day to day activities becomes much easier
  • Other positive side effects can include improved sexual sensitivity, and reduced back pain.
A Typical Treatment Plan

A Typical Treatment Plan

Your initial 1 hour consultation appointment with the Pelvic Health Physiotherapist will allow us to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your condition
  • Develop and agree a treatment plan that is best suited to you
  • Provide advice about exercises, diet and lifestyle changes that you can make, and
  • Carry out an initial treatment session.

Our initial assessment will include an analysis of posture, breathing mechanics and non-invasive assessment of your pelvic floor function and coordination with biofeedback and real time ultrasound tools. We will then be able to recommend the amount and frequency of treatments necessary to achieve the best, long lasting outcome.

Depending on your symptoms and history, 2-3 workouts a week on the PelviPower Bio-Feedback Trainer is optimal until your symptoms have resolved.

Training sessions are restricted to 10 minutes (to prevent symptoms of overtraining) and are targeted and intense but fun.

Typically, the most effective treatment solution is to combine PelviPower Bio-Feedback Training with PelviPower Magnetic Field Therapy, although there are times when this is not possible. In this situation a targeted and more intensive training on the Bio-Feedback Trainer, combined with a professionally trained home training program will be required.

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