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Effective Pelvic Floor Training

At CoreGood we have been using repetitive magnetic impulse stimulation to produce significant improvements in our patients’ pelvic floor function. Based on our experience and research in the area of pelvic floor health, we believe PelviPower is the leading technology when it comes to the non-surgical treatment of pelvic floor issues.

PelviPower is now available to both patients throughout the Greater Wellington region, and clinicians in New Zealand. This high tech medical device from Switzerland has revolutionised the way pelvic floor disorders are treated.

PelviPower combines Magnetic Field Therapy with Bio-Feedback Training methods to train your pelvic floor and surrounding muscles purposefully and effectively, all in the comfort of your clothes.

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PelviPower Magnetic Field Therapy

Non-invasive, evidence based PelviPower therapy is medically proven to be a safe, non-surgical solution for many common pelvic, urinary and sexual health issues. By strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and core muscle function, it can improve continence, help prevent and control prolapse, optimise erectile function, intensify orgasm and reduce back pain and instability.

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PelviPower Bio-Feedback Training

Non-invasive, upright biofeedback training for improving the strength, coordination and awareness of the pelvic floor. Researched and validated to be effective. Used to improve conditions of pelvic floor dysfunction such as incontinence, pelvic pain, erectile dysfunction, poor control of pelvic organ prolapse and loss of libido in men and women.

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Expert interviews about PelviPower

Explanation of the effectiveness of PelviPower Magnetic Field Therapy for strengthening the pelvic floor based on the scientific medical research.

The medical basis and therapeutic applications of PelviPower pelvic floor muscle training to reduce symptoms and severity of incontinence, erectile dysfunction and loss of libido in men and women.

PelviPower – Pelvic Floor Training That Really Works

The CoreGood Institute is proud to be the New Zealand distributor partner for PelviPower, giving Kiwis access to this high tech solution in leading clinics across the country, including our own CoreGood Physiotherapy clinics. PelviPower therapy is a safe and effective, evidence based physiotherapy treatment tool. It greatly aids outcomes for patients with poor pelvic floor muscle function.

Independent research published in the American Journal of Urology has proven repetitive magnetic impulse stimulation to be an effective non-surgical option for treating Stress Urinary Incontinence, delivering success rates of 75% and long term results for 70% of patients.

Based on our clinical experience, extensive research and investigation in the area of repetitive magnetic impulse stimulation, we believe PelviPower is the world’s leading non-surgical solution for many types of pelvic floor dysfunction. If you would like to learn more about how you can offer the highly effective PelviPower treatment method in your clinic call us on 0800 COREGOOD or complete our online form and we’ll send you an information pack.

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