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Pelvic Pain

Chronic pelvic pain (CPP) often affects younger men (median age of 43) and is most often located at the perineal and genital regions but can manifest to other areas such as the lower abdomen, penis, scrotum, rectum, and lower back. The pain can initially come on suddenly with a duration that must be present for at least three of the last six months but can be characterised by continual remissions and relapses.

The pain often causes difficulties with bladder, bowel and sexual function. Pain on ejaculation is common and it can be difficult to urinate.

 Most men with CPP will have their prostates ruled out as the cause of their pain. There is a growing body of research that shows a clear link between tension in the pelvic floor muscles causing pelvic pain.  Normalising this pelvic muscle tension can have a huge impact on symptoms and your quality of life.

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How we can help your pelvic pain

  • Assessing your posture, muscle balance, pelvic floor and associated muscles can ascertain what is contributing to your pain
  • Educating you about pain, what contributes to it and what you can do to help control it
  • Assessing your breathing and how you can use it to facilitate relaxation and release of your pelvic floor muscles
  • Pelvic floor stretching and releasing techniques
  • Pain relieving modalities like Acupuncture and Magnetic stimulation to decrease pain and normalise muscle tone
  • Evidence based natural medicine approaches help to reduce pain, trigger the resolution of chronic inflammation and reduce the underlying drivers of your condition
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Pelvic Health Physio

Therapy with biofeedback is a useful tool to help you avoid unnecessary increase in resting muscle tone. Also therapy that aims to reduce the tone of connective tissue and restore the mobility of muscle facia has been shown to decrease symptoms scores.

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PelviPower – Treatment Option Blurb

PelviPower Magnetic Field Therapy (MFT) uses repetitive magnetic impulses to trigger your pelvic floor muscles and associated nerves.   Research on this type of stimulus not only shows a reduction in pain but a normalisation of muscle tone.   There is also a large body of evidence that pulsed magnetic energy through tissue increases circulation and perfusion which creates a better environment for healing and resolution.

There is no need to undress for this treatment.

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What Are the Advantages of Treatment?


Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system which encourages your body to control unnecessary pain and reduce excess tone and spasm.

Research has shown that CPP patients treated with weekly sessions of acupuncture for 6 weeks showed more than 50% decrease in their pain scores compared to baseline.

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Natural medicine

Natural Medicines and Nutrition

A balanced health plan designed for your specific needs, combining nutritional advice with evidence-based natural medicine, can help you to alleviate the drivers of pelvic pain conditions

Underlying many pelvic pain conditions is the driver of unresolving chronic inflammation.

We use exciting research validated natural medicine and protocols to help the body resolve inflammation and promote healing.

For example: ‘Specialised Pro-Resolving Lipid Mediators’ help transform M1 (inflammatory) macrophages into M2 (anti-inflammatory) macrophages to promote resolution and healing.

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